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Agrigist is a reference site that aggregates relevant information about the value chain in agribusiness across Nigeria and Africa. Here you will learn best practices, standards, health and safety specifications, business opportunities, key industry players, regulators, stakeholders and critical success factors in the value chain of individual crops in Nigeria and Africa.

Agrigist is purposed to meet the much-harangued information gap in the agric sector by providing verified and reliable information in real-time to farmers, investors, stakeholders, governments, institutions, and other individuals or entities who desire to know about or operate in the Agriculture space in Nigeria and Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide credible, reliable, and verified information and thus bridge the knowledge gap in Agribusiness as well as mitigate the risks and losses of investments usually experienced in the Agric sector.

Our Goal

To make credible and bankable information available to stakeholders, practitioners, investors, researchers, enthusiasts, etc in Agribusiness at the click of the button.

Modus Operandi

Agrigist adopts the crowdsourcing approach in generating its contents, whereby verified researchers, practitioners, institutions, and relevant agencies are able to publish and or update relevant information on the site.

Contributors on this site are required to open a user account which will then be verified before they can publish on the site.

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