The Executive Director of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Dr Lawrence Haddad, in the just concluded Africa Agricultural Dialogue 2022 in the USA, highlighted the importance of strategic diversification in enhancing food security in Africa.

Haddad in his speech noted the need for ministries and governments to align their purpose to the subsidies and tasks required

Speaking further, he noted that the food production budget influences the finance and food system needed for sustainable production.

“The application of current data will also help the African government on where to specifically work on,” he added.

Meanwhile, the minister of Liberia, Honorable Jeanine Milly Cooper, whilst answering the question on how the country faced the challenges and disruption within food supply chains and the rising cost of living, noted that Liberia is no longer a stranger to turbulence especially from the civil war to Ebola and also the COVID-19.

Her words, “Liberia is yet to recover from the economic downturn from the Ebola virus when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

“Prior to Liberia’s dependency on rice imports from India, we’ve begun engaging and investing in local farmers through the “rice task force” initiated by the president of Liberia, which helps bring about the production of more rice, self-dependency and sufficiency on local production.

Also remarking, Dr Jan Low of the International Potato Centre and Access to Healthy Nutrition stated that the government of Africa needs to work on realistic diversification and changing of priorities in terms of food production.

She also stressed the need to strategize on how to increase local production of food by financing local farmers and enabling less dependency on food imports.

Reacting to what she said, Dr Lawrence Haddad added that, “Diversification is a key factor which will help the African government to highlight what is grown, where it’s grown and how it’s grown.”

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